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Solve Forward® is a journal of learned lessons and experiences from the digital transformation front-lines. We are here to share our experiences, and interview others who Solve Forward and learn along the way.


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    Only 2.33% of an e-commerce website visits convert into a purchase. These numbers pretty much clear the picture that selecting the best framework for an e-commerce platform can be one of the vital decisions any business has to take. An e-commerce store must be competitive and user-friendly simultaneously, and it must align with the latest technologies. In this journal entry we'll discuss why a realtime framework like Node.js coupled with a static site generator like Next.js makes the perfect technology stack for an e-commerce platform.
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    You have a vision for your digital transformation. You want to get in front of the competition, and you know that technology is an integral part of this process. But where do you start? What are the considerations when building a tech stack for your company's digital transformation? This journal entry will help you answer these questions so that you can choose wisely before investing too much time and money into something that may not be right for your business.